Interested in working at The Argyros?

Volunteers are critical to the success of programming at The Argyros.

Curious about the performing arts world and want to help? Contact Nick Harman at or 208-726-7872 for more information on volunteering opportunities.

Want to join our team?

If you are interest in being part of the Production Team at The Argyros, let’s connect! Contact Samuel Mollner at or 208.806.7440 for more details.


Please submit a cover letter and resume to to apply.


  • Runs events at The Argyros either as a Lighting Director or Sound Engineer
  • Works on venue change overs and events setup
  • Ensures a safe working environment¬†

Duties Include:

  • Serve as Production staff lead on events as needed
  • Operate events as either a Lighting Designer, Sound Engineer or Video Operator
  • Ensure production equipment is maintained and in good working order.¬†
  • Recommend equipment purchases
  • Ensure that The Argyros is a safe venue for staff, artists and patrons. Facilitate staff training as appropriate.
  • Participate in weekly production meetings.
  • Maintain a broad knowledge of state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and/or systems; participate in professional development activities as appropriate.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree in a performing arts field or 2-3 years of experience in a performing arts roadhouse or on tour with a national level act
  • Demonstrated basic knowledge of (or the ability to learn) equipment, systems, and practices across all live production disciplines, including lighting, audio/video, and rigging
  • Demonstrated experience with standard theatrical work rules and general conditions for professional stage crews.¬†
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds
  • Commitment to a collaborative and positive work environment
  • Initiative and ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Proficient knowledge of computer and software skills including Windows, Mac operating systems, Microsoft Office Suite, Google G Suite.
  • Excellent communication through written and verbal skills.
  • Able to quickly strategize, prioritize, and coordinate logistics for event support.
  • Basic Stage Management experience in a theatrical and/or corporate setting.